Customizable Dessert Spoons 100 pc

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Whether you're a shop owner, a party thrower or parent who loves to add flare to your child's lunches, these spoons are the answer. Customizable in most languages as long as specific details are provided. Numbers & dates can also be added. Please note the more text, the smaller the font will be. There are several fonts to chose from as found in the picture section. Just click the main picture and arrow through to see the pictures larger. If no font is selected, the default font will be the one displayed. 

* Food safe material
* Dust- free workshop
* Laser engrave, clear, never fades
* Eco-friendly
* 100% organic wood doesn't contain any plastic or toxic element
* 100% compostable wood
* 100% biodegradable with 90 to 180 days


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